What is Jail.com?

Founded in January 2010, Jail.com provides easily accessible information about arrests. The information lets family, victims and the general public search and receive notifications for individual arrest records.

We gather our information from sources across the United States. Each day, we receive thousands of records. We catalog this information and make easy for you to access. Our accurate data technology catalogs the faces, names and details of arrests from across the country.

Option to Opt-Out

We, free of charge, offer an opt-out service for anyone that does not want their arrest information posted online. The opt-out feature takes affect 30 days after the initial request. There is a 30-day time period between the request and its removal. It allows time for the release of public arrest information while honoring the requests of those arrested. When the request is received, the information is automatically removed from our website.


Developers are invited to use our free API to place arrest information on their webpages. You can also place our RSS feed and widgets on your website. These services are subject to our terms of use.

We Do Not Except Money for Removals

Jail.com does not take money to remove records from our website.


Can I request that a record get removed from your website?

It is our policy to not remove a record from our website unless it is inaccurate. Any record found on this website can be found online. If the information presented by Jail.com matches the information that is available to the public, we consider it to be accurate. If you notice that the information is inaccurate, please notify us using the contact page. We do have an opt-out service that takes affect 30 days after signing up.

Why does the record of my arrest appear on the website even when there were no charges filed?

The only thing booking or arrest records show is when, who and why someone was booked or arrested. It does not determine someone’s guilt. When a person is booked or arrested, they are innocent until found guilty. Jail.com is not aware of what happens during these court proceedings. It is the responsibility of the website’s user to find this information.

Would someone who is released on their own recognizance be found on Jail.com?

Yes. In most situations, anyone who has been booked would have their arrest appear on this website. Whether a person is released before processing or after is something we cannot determine.

How does someone avoid being on Jail.com?

There are some situations where the record is included on Jail.com. These instances include:

  • If the record is not made available to the public.
  • If the organization has technical issues and the record never does not provide records for that particular day.
  • If the person is under 18.

How often does Jail.com remove a record from the website?

Records do not get removed from the website unless the person has requested an opt-out. When that occurs, we delete the record from out website and from major search results. It is important to note that we cannot control the results of independent search engines. It can take weeks for their search results to get updated. If the record is before 7/2/2013, the removal is under our old guidelines. Any record before this date is automatically removed after six months.

How much does it cost to remove arrest information from your website?

We do not charge to remove arrest records. Our opt-out service is free of charge. Report anyone that attempts to charge you for these services.

Finding Out More Information About a Booking or Arrest

We are unable to provide more information than what is posted on our website. Here are some suggestions to help you find more information.

Many jurisdictions have their records posted online. You can search these records by:

  • Search the country jail website for other information. We do provide a link to the local jail on our website.
  • Many jurisdictions have their records posted online. You can search these records by name. Viewing a jurisdiction’s online records is free of charge.
  • You can hire a licensed private investigator to find the person you are seeking.
  • You can sign up to receive notifications that alert you if the person is booked again.

Contact Form

Before contacting us….

  • Read our frequently asked questions and responses on our support page.
  • Click here to find out more information about a booking or arrest.
  • If you want to report any problems, please go to this page.

Jail.com will not respond to any legal requests or communications by attorneys that are sent online. If you are an attorney or have a legal request, please use our mailing address that can be found below. It is important to know that any communication with our company needs to be in English.