Unfortunately, we do not have any additional information. What you see is what we have.

Here are some suggestions to find more information on your own:

  • Check the county jail site for more information. On our sources page, next to each county name, there is a link to the county jail site. You should first find out if the individual is still in jail. Then you will need to check the jail's website for their policy on contacting inmates.
  • Most counties have their court records online. If you are looking for what happened after an arrest, you can search court records by name. You shouldn't have to pay for viewing court records. Using google, you can search for "County Court Records" to find the official site (replacing County with the one one you are looking for).
  • If an inmate is not in jail anymore, you can sign up to receive notifications if they get booked again.
  • As a last resort, you can hire a licensed private investigator to find the individual or information you are looking for.